Top Vancouver Dui Lawyers

Green & Ritchie, PLLC
At the Washington law firm of Green & Ritchie, our lawyers take pride in being successful. Our success is not built on mindlessly going off to do battle in the courtroom. It's built on confidently designing cases that can overcome whatever unique obstacles fall in our path.
Address : 1601 Lincoln Avenue Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : 360.450.2434

The Law Office of Nicholas Wood, P.S.
Mr. Wood will skillfully fight for your rights at every stage of your case, and negotiate relentlessly to get your charges reduced or thrown out completely. Our defense team is aggressive and highly trained, and will stop at nothing to defeat the prosecutionís case against you.
Address : 2901 Main Street Vancouver, WA 98663
Phone : (360) 993-4321

Wheeler, Montgomery, Sleight & Boyd Law Offices
Our attorneys are experienced in the proper methodology to handle complex questions of DUI law related to: Probable Cause for Police Stop, Probable Cause to Arrest, Properly Conducted Field Sobriety Tests, Challenging BAC Readings, Refusal to Blow, Deferred Prosecution, Reduction of Charges and Sentencing Guidelines.
Address : 902 Esther Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360)690-0064

John Lutgens, Attorney at Law
Mr. Lutgens' law firm is experienced in defending clients in many areas of felony and misdemeanor criminal law, including drug charges, drunk driving (DUI and DUII), domestic violence, assault, suspended licenses, harassment, and other criminal charges.
Address : 401 W 13th St. Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360) 693-2119

Law Office of Mark W. Muenster
I have spent 30 years as an attorney providing a strong shield for my clients against a wide variety of criminal charges. When you work with my Vancouver, Washington, law firm, you will get the benefit of that experience and diligent representation at a reasonable cost.
Address : 1010 Esther Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : 888-803-9658