Top Seattle DUI Lawyers

The Law Offices of Smith and White
If you are facing domestic violence, DUI or criminal charges The Law Offices of Smith and White can give you elite representation in court.
Address : 1019 Pacific Ave #701 Tacoma, Washington 98402
Phone : (253) 229-1591

CMS Law Firm LLC
CMS Law Firm LLC is a Seattle area law firm dedicated to helping individuals who find themselves in the cross-hairs of the government, whether for a Seattle DUI case, Seattle criminal case, or a Washington State eminent domain case, CMS Law Firm LLC is here to give you a fighting chance.
Address : 1201 1st Ave. S., Suite 336 Seattle, WA 98134
Phone : (206) 452-5241

Raymond W. Ejarque
With over 11 years of experience Mr. Ejarque knows how to find the right tactic that can make the difference between winning and loosing your case. He has represented over a thousand people charged with crimes including: property offenses, domestic violence, sex offenses, drug charges, vehicular assaults, hit and run, DUI, driving with suspended license, assault, burglary, white collar crime, weapon offenses, murder and many more. Mr. Ejarque has many years of experience exclusively representing those accused with felony offenses. He has represented two clients charged with murder. He has had numerous felony jury trials. In addition he has represented several clients in the Washington State Court of Appeals.
Address : 1001 4th Ave, Suite 3200 Seattle, WA 98154
Phone : (206) 854-7275

The Law Office of Kurt E. Boehl
The Seattle criminal defense firm of Kurt E. Boehl is devoted to defending individuals accused of state or federal criminal violations. Kurt has handled hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases, including DUI, Possession of Marijuana, VUCSA, Assault 1, Domestic Violence, Harassment, Theft, Probation Violations, Unlawful Use of a Firearm, Robbery 1, and warrants.
Address : 1001 4th Avenue, Suite 3200 Seattle, WA 98154
Phone : (206) 728-0200

The Law Office of Edmund P. Allen Jr., PLLC
The goal of this firm is to provide all clients with superior representation and advocacy to secure and defend your legal interests. My areas of practice include criminal defense, DUI and criminal traffic, driver licensing, and personal injury representation.
Address : 705 Second Avenue, Suite 910 Seattle, WA 98104
Phone : (206) 262-0903

Guadagno & O'Sullivan
After being charged with DUI, most people feel very pressured and anxious about how this type of charge will affect their life. The majority of people feel ashamed, embarrassed, and regretful after their arrest, but our Seattle DUI lawyers are here to tell you that you are not alone. The criminal defense lawyers at our firm can help you with the following legal issues related to DUI: * DUI * Underage/Minor DUI * Felony DUI * Out of State License DUI in Washington * Vehicular Assault * Multiple DUI Offenses * DOL Hearings * Breath and Blood Tests * Field Sobriety Tests
Address : 200 West Mercer St, Suite 411, Seattle, WA 98112
Phone : (800) 719-1268

The Law Offices of Jason S. Newcombe
Our attorneys handle all Seattle Municipal and King County District Court criminal matters, including, but not limited to the following: * Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUI/DWI/Drunk Driving) * Minor Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (Minor DUI/Minor DWI/Minor Drunk Driving) * Hit & Run Attended * Hit & Run Unattended * Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) * Minor in Possession of Alcohol * Disorderly Conduct * Possession of Marijuana * Reckless Driving * Negligent Driving * Reckless Endangerment * Assault IV * Assault IV - Domestic Violence * Harassment * Harassment - Domestic Violence * Malicious Mischief * Malicious Mischief - Domestic Violence * Protection and No Contact Order Violations * All Degrees of Theft (Shoplifting) * All Degrees of Criminal Trespass * All Fraud and Forgery Charges * Prostitution and Solicitation * All other Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors * Many felony matters
Address : The Seattle Tower, 1218 Third Ave. Seattle, WA 98101
Phone : (206) 624-3644

Pelley Law, PLLC
Seattle criminal defense lawyer Aaron Pelley truly believes there is no such thing as a small case. At Pelley Law we are aware of the everlasting impact criminal charges have on our clients. Once you become a client of our firm, we are accessible every single day for all of your questions and concerns. We do not guarantee results, but you can be assured that we will fight aggressively for your rights. We have achieved extraordinary results on Felony and Misdemeanor criminal cases.
Address : 119 1st Ave. South, Suite 260 Seattle, WA 98104
Phone : (206) 355-5527

The Bianchi Law Firm
The Bianchi Law Firm emphasizes in the defense of individuals accused of crimes involving drugs or alcohol; specifically, driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (DUI/DWI). Dedicated to personalized, results-oriented representation, The Bianchi Law Firm strives to keep its clients informed and as comfortable as possible through what is often the most difficult journey they will ever take.
Address : 605 Thomas Seattle, WA 98109
Phone : 866-646-0753

Milios & Associates
Milios & Associates are experienced drunk driving DUI defense attorney who defend clients against DUI / DWI charges in all of King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties and throughout the state of Washington. We have extensive experience successfully defending people against DUI charges. Because so much of our criminal defense practice is devoted to representing people charged with DUI, we are always aware of changes in the Washington DUI laws and new options and strategies for keeping a DUI; off your record.
Address : 1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 940 Seattle, WA 98101
Phone : (206) 931-9956

The Law Offices Of James C. Egan PLLC
The Law Offices Of James C. Egan PLLC, includes James C. Egan, a former prosecutor and public defender, Joshua S. Schaer, Andrew R. Elliott and Karl J. Verzani, experienced criminal trial attorneys. You will find us in downtown Seattle in the heart of historical Pioneer Square at First Avenue and Yesler Way. We focus our practice on DUI defense cases, but we have experience in matters involving civil rights, personal injury, and other misdemeanor defense cases in Seattle and surrounding cities and towns. Our firm's goal is to provide strong and effective legal representation to our client. We care about individual rights and we keep our clientele small, so we have the time and energy to achieve results. We are an affordable, effective team of attorneys who can appreciate your situation and aggressively present your defense.
Address : 605 First Avenue, Suite 400, Seattle WA 98104
Phone : (206) 749-0333