Top Portland DUI Lawyers

Matthew D. Kaplan
Matthew D. Kaplan is an experienced personal injury attorney whose practice focuses on representing victims and their families that have been injured as a result of another's careless conduct. Our office handles a wide range of cases, including car accidents, injuries to children, motorcycle crashes, premises liability, medical malpractice, dog attacks, helicopter/airplane crashes, trucking collisions, and crime victims.
Address : KOIN Center Suite 1111, 222 SW Columbia Street Portland, OR 97201
Phone : (503) 226-3844

Drakulich & Carlson, P.C.
Since 1980, our attorneys have provided individuals and businesses in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and in most other counties throughout Oregon, with a broad range of legal services. We are a two attorney, general practice firm with combined legal experience of over 50 years. In order to provide our clients with the best possible legal representation, we focus our practice on the following areas: Personal Injury, Personal Injury, Construction Litigation, and Criminal Law.
Address : 4040 Douglas Way Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone : (503) 224-0871

Law Office of A. Alexander Hamalian
We offer representation on all criminal cases, including: * Drug Charges -- Possession / Manufacture (Including Marijuana Growing Operations) / Distribution of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana, Speed, Crystal Methamphetamine, Cocaine, etc.)* DUII / DWI / DUI and All Other Driving Offenses -- Driving While Suspended, Drunk Driving, Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver (Hit and Run), and Vehicular Manslaughter* Assault and Domestic Violence -- Harassment, Assault in the First / Second / Third / Fourth Degree, and Menacing* Sex Crimes -- Sexual Abuse, Rape, and Sodomy* Property Crimes / White Collar -- Robbery, Theft, Possession of Stolen Property, Criminal Mischief, ID Theft, Embezzlement, and Burglary* Measure 11 Charges / Major Felonies -- Murder, Manslaughter, and Kidnapping* All Other Felony and Misdemeanor Charges* Speeding Tickets, Laser and Photo Radar Tickets, Red Light Photo Tickets, and All Other Traffic / Driving Tickets / Citations* Expungement and Removal of Prior Criminal Records
Address : The Pennoyer Building, 714 SW 20th Place Portland, OR 97205
Phone : (503) 222-3641

Mark C. Cogan
With more than a quarter century of experience defending clients on criminal charges, attorney Mark C. Cogan has developed the skills necessary to successfully protect his clients facing a wide range of situations. From DUII defense to Ballot Measure 11 cases, Mr. Cogan is not afraid to take on even the toughest challenges. Our practice prides itself on the exceptional service we offer our clients, keeping them informed and involved while pursuing the most effective legal strategy possible.
Address : Crown Plaza Building, Suite 780, 1500 SW 1st Avenue Portland, OR 97201
Phone : (503) 827-8092

Allen2 Law, LLC
In all of our practice areas, we listen to you and work for a resolution that fits your needs and circumstances. Our attorneys bring a wide range of experience to all of our chosen practice areas. Family Law, Estate Planning, Criminal Law, and Real Estate Law.
Address : 811 S.W. Naito Parkway, Ste 420 Portland, OR 97204
Phone : (503) 928-3889

David Lesh
Unmatched professional experience coupled with superior trial and negotiation skill make David Lesh uniquely qualified to represent individuals facing Oregon criminal charges. Mr. Lesh provides professional criminal defense for men and women facing Oregon criminal charges, including DUII, drug charges, theft offenses, prostitution charges, assault crimes, and the most serious Measure Eleven felonies.
Address : 434 NW 19th Avenue Portland, OR 97209
Phone : (503) 481-8484

James F. O’Rourke Jr.
Oregon attorney James F. O’Rourke Jr. has practiced as a criminal defense and personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in Oregon, representing people in DUII, DUI, Drug, Property, Measure 11 and other crimes and automobile injury accident and death cases for over 29 years. Oregon lawyer O’Rourke works with an extensive network of Oregon professionals from various disciplines to provide effective legal representation for his many clients.
Address : Suite 710, Yeon Building, 522 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204
Phone : (503) 221-1425

Paul F. Sherman
Attorney Paul F. Sherman represents family law clients throughout the California, Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. For over 20 years, Mr. Sherman has helped families going through transitions due to divorce, issues that arise after divorce, and many other family law issues. Our practice focuses primarily on family law, child custody, and property division. We also help clients with issues such as estate planning and probate as they relate to family law. We also represent clients who have been charged with DUI, DUII, or drunk driving, and clients who have personal injury concerns.
Address : 1314 NW Irving Street. Suite 207 Portland, OR 97209
Phone : (503) 223-8441

Buchér & Greenspan, P.C.
Buchér & Greenspan, P.C. is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional legal services. Our firm focuses exclusively in the areas of family law and criminal law in the courts of the State of Oregon . Buchér & Greenspan is committed to zealously representing each of our clients' individual needs to ensure the best resolution to their legal issue. Buchér & Greenspan focus on the following areas of legal representation: Family Law (* Divorce and Separation * Custody & Visitation * Restraining Orders * Child Support & Modifications * Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements * Wills & Advance Directives). Criminal Law ( * All Felonies & Misdemeanors * DUII & Traffic Crimes * Measure 11 and Drug Offenses * Probation/Parole Violations * Expungements)
Address : Lincoln Tower, 10260 SW Greenburg Rd., Suite 1165 Portland, OR 97223
Phone : (503) 546-7904

Kahn and Ifversen
Kahn and Ifversen Attorneys are criminal defense lawyers who care about what happens to their clients. We've been protecting good people in trouble for over 17 years. Our law firm emphasizes: Ballot Measure 11 felonies, appeals, criminal record expungements, theft crimes, traffic crimes, DUII / DWI, assault crimes, drug crimes, DMV hearings, and other felony crimes and misdemeanors. We practice criminal law throughout Oregon and primarily in the following geographic areas: Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Hood River County, Columbia County, Tillamook County, Marion County, Deschutes County, Lane County, Yamhill County, Columbia County, Benton County, and Linn County. Our criminal defense law firm is located in downtown Portland, Oregon.
Address : 2245 S.W. Canyon Road Portland, OR 97201
Phone : (503) 241-4105