Top Norfolk Dui Lawyers

The Law Office of Kirk D. Berkhimer, P.C.
The Law Office of Kirk D. Berkhimer, P.C., provides strong criminal defense representation to people in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Some of the specific misdemeanor and felony cases we handle include: Drug arrests, DUI charges, Traffic violations, Theft charges, Assaults, Domestic violence crimes, Criminal trespass or damage to property and Disorderly persons offenses.
Address : 125 Saint Paul's Boulevard, Suite 504, Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone : (757) 410 - 9263

The Decker Law Firm
The Norfolk, Virginia law firm of Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub & Neskis has over 45 years of experience in criminal defense. The Decker Law Firm covers all areas of criminal defense, including but not limited to drug charges, embezzlement, assault, weapons charges, burglary, sex crimes, and drunk driving.
Address : 109 E. Main St. Suite 200 Norfolk, Virginia 23510
Phone : 757.622.3317

Montagna & Montagna, P.C.
We have helped countless people resolve a variety of legal disputes throughout Virginia. We provide aggressive and dedicated criminal defense for criminal charges related to DUI, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.
Address : 125 St. Paul's Boulevard, Suite 210 Norfolk VA 23510
Phone : (757) 625-3500

Joseph C. Lindsey PC
I have almost 30 years of courtroom experience and a strong network of experts who can support my criminal defense strategies with expert testimony, whenever necessary.
Address : 500 East Plume Street, Suite 301 Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone : 757-623-6522

Myers & Myers
The experienced attorneys at the Norfolk law firm of Myers and Myers offer legal service in a variety of practice areas, including: Criminal law, including traffic tickets and DUIs, Family law and divorce, Wills, trusts and estate planning, Business law and corporate practice and Personal injury.
Address : 2476 East Little Creek Road Norfolk VA 23518
Phone : 757-583-1879