Top New York DUI Lawyers

Goldberg & Allen, LLP
When you need attentive, high-level defense of your rights anywhere in the New York City metro area, the attorneys of Goldberg & Allen, LLP, are ready to step up for you. Beginning with a personal, confidential consultation, we can provide criminal defense strategy and action informed by decades of experience. Areas of focus: * DUI/DWI* Drug Crimes* Violent Crimes* Embezzlement, Fraud & Forgery* Weapons & Firearms Offenses* Theft, Robbery, Burglary & Larceny* Rape & Sex Abuse* Domestic Violence* Driving Crimes* Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) & Summons Cases* False Arrest* Police Brutality
Address : 49 West 37th Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10018
Phone : (866) 582-1893

The Blanch Law Firm
When someone is suspected of a crime, he or she always faces a difficult emotional challenge. Fear is something that comes to us all in certain situations, but when it's associated with a potential criminal prosecution, this fear can be paralyzing. The criminal defense attorneys at the Blanch Law Firm in New York City understand this reality, as the team of attorneys at the firm has been fighting for the rights of the accused for many years. Basically, if you are looking at the possibility of being prosecuted, you need to work past that fear and take immediate steps to get the process of building your defense started. You are guaranteed certain rights under the Constitution, but neither the state nor the federal government are going to wait for you to assert them. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through this process. We have this experience, and the criminal defense attorneys at the firm handle a variety of high-profile criminal defense cases.
Address : 261 Madison Avenue, 12th #12th, New York, NY 10016
Phone : (646) 350-0270

Shepelsky & Associates
Shepelsky & Associates is committed to quality legal service driven by aggressive legal defense strategies and expertise. We treat criminal defendants with both dignity and respect. Shepelsky & Associates is committed to the principles that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty and we fight for our clients rights. At the core of Shepelsky & Associates is an outstanding team of professionals who work diligently, creatively and compassionately each day to bring our clients justice. Our attorneys are recruited for their skillful, experienced and zealous defense strategies and vision. Our support staff, client service systems, and legal strategies all come together to provide each client with excellent counsel, no matter what criminal charges they are facing.
Address : 936 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11223
Phone : (800) 536-0595

Hornstein, Palumbo & Keith Attorneys at Law
Our firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas: Criminal Defense, Driving While Intoxicated, Criminal Law, Assault and Battery, Burglary, Capital Offenses, Civil Forfeiture, Crime Victims Compensation, Criminal Antitrust, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Forfeiture, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Prosecution, Death Penalty, Drivers License Suspension, Electronic Surveillance, Extortion, Extradition, Federal Criminal Law, Felonies, Forensic Accounting, Forensic DNA, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science, Forgery, Grand Jury Practice, Habeas Corpus, Homicide, International Criminal Law, International Extradition, Mail Fraud, Malicious Prosecution, Manslaughter, Misdemeanors, Murder, Parole and Probation, Post-Conviction Remedies, Search and Seizure, Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, Theft, Traffic Violations, Victims Rights, Wiretapping.
Address : 350 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Phone : (212) 941-7100

Law Office of Aaron Wallenstein
Common Areas of Criminal Practice: * DWI/DUI (Drunk Driving)* Domestic Violence* Assault* Robbery* Drug Possession/Sale* Gun or Weapon Possessions* Burglary* Harassment* Theft/Forgery* Bad Check/Credit Card* False Impersonation* Sex Offenses* Child Endangerment/Negligent* Murder/Manslaughter* Vehicular Infractions/Suspended License
Address : 160 Broadway New York, NY 10038
Phone : (212) 227-7588

The Rehm Law Firm
The Rehm Law Firm provides representation to individuals in New York City (NYC) and surrounding New York counties charged with a crime. Specifically, the firm focuses on driving while intoxicated charges (DWI) and traffic violations. New York City Traffic Lawyer Michael Rehm also provides representation on all traffic and Department of Motor Vehicle matters. Traffic offenses, specifically those that come with points, can come with heavy fines, potential jail time, steep increases in insurance rates and the loss of one's driver's license.
Address : Rockefeller Center 1230 Avenue of the Americas - 7th Floor New York, NY 10020
Phone : (646) 895-2945

Jason A. Steinberger
Jason A. Steinberger, is a New York Criminal & DWI / DUI Defense Lawyer specializing in criminal defense litigation at the trial levels in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, and Suffolk in the New York State and Federal courts. At the Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger we will provide you with the type of personalized, tireless and skilled representation in New York criminal and DWI / DUI matters that you expect. With Jason A. Steinberger as your New York criminal and DWI / DUI attorney, you will have in your corner a lawyer with the experience, credentials and most importantly, the trial talents that will give you the edge necessary for all stages of defending your rights.
Address : 505 8th Avenue #701, New York, NY 10018
Phone : (646) 256-1007

Lisa Pelosi
We also provide criminal defense for... * Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft * DUI, DWI and Drunk Driving * Domestic Violence * Sex Crimes * Juvenile Criminal Law * Drug Crimes and Narcotics Offenses * Firearms and Gun Offenses * Child Molestation * Other Misdemeanors and Felonies * Parole and Probation.
Address : 233 Broadway Suite 2208 New York, NY 10279
Phone : (877) 529-6399

Scott L. Fenstermaker
Scott L. Fenstermaker has offices in New York City and White Plains specializing in criminal litigation in both state and federal courts. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Fenstermaker is an experienced Trial Lawyer in both the state and federal courts of New York. He handles pre- and post-arrest matters involving drugs, DWI, DUI, murder, rape, tax evasion, money laundering, and bank-, wire-, and mail-fraud. Holding an LL.M. in Taxation from New York University School of Law, he is particularly experienced in both criminal and civil litigation of tax controversies before the federal, state and local governments.
Address : 300 Park Avenue, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10022
Phone : (212) 302-0201

The Law Offices of Gerald Di Chiara
At the law offices of Gerald Di Chiara in New York City, we are nationally known for taking the criminal cases that the experts called hopeless and developing unique defenses to bring about acquittals. We zealously defend individuals throughout the New York metropolitan area who have been charged with all types of crimes, including securities fraud, driving while intoxicated, murder, hate crimes and major drug offenses. Our attorneys also take the same approach to civil litigation.
Address : 3 Park Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10016
Phone : (212) 679-1958