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Kans Law Firm LLC -  Minneapolis DUI Lawyer
For over 15 years, Minnesota criminal attorney Douglas Kans has dedicated himself to defending individuals charged with crimes. In particular he has a huge amount of experience defending DWI/DUI cases. Over these 15 years, he has earned the respect of fellow colleagues, prosecutors, and judges throughout the State of Minnesota. Mr. Kans has successfully litigated and negotiated hundreds of criminal cases during his career. He has had many proud achievements, but none as important as the personal satisfaction he receives from working hard and achieving wonderful results for his clients. Call Doug and the Kans Law team today at (952) 835-6314 for a FREE consulation.
Address : Northland Plaza Building, 3800 American Blvd. West, Suite 180 Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone : (952) 835-6314

Tim Webb
Tim Webb is an experienced defense attorney who represents corporate and individual clients in all federal and state criminal investigations and prosecutions. Known for his integrity and expertise, Mr. Webb’s clients have included a police chief, clergy, politicians, corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, teachers, certified public accountants and other professionals.
Address : Suite 1080, 8500 Normandale Lake Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55437
Phone : (612) 340-7970

Judith Samson
Facing the constraints and challenges of the legal system when charged with a criminal offense can be very overwhelming. There is often much uncertainty about the process and about your future. I am criminal law attorney Judith A. Samson, and I have served clients in the Twin Cities and Western Suburbs for years. I have become known for my aggressive and effective litigation skills as well as for my individual approach to representing clients. Practice Areas Overview: * Assault * Domestic Assault * DUI/DWI * Theft * White Collar Crimes * Drug Charges * Traffic Tickets * Sex Crimes * Juvenile Law * Burglary & Kidnapping * Federal Crimes * Probation Violations * Criminal Law * Expungement * Personal Injury
Address : 310 Fourth Avenue South Suite 1050 Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone : (612) 333-8001

Thomas Gallagher
Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher's criminal defense practice includes criminal matters of every type, including accusations of homicide, rape, sex crimes, assault, domestic assault, other domestic-related criminal charges, theft, other property crimes, drug "crimes," gun charges, possession crimes, political crimes, bribery, embezzlement, white collar crimes, DWI, etc. He has successfully defended clients from misdemeanor charges, felony charges, and the most serious felony cases. Gallagher has successfully handled numerous jury trials, trials to a judge, evidentiary hearings, probation hearings, and appeals.
Address : 8000 Flour Exchange Building, 310 Fourth Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone : (612) 333-1500

Halberg Criminal Defense
Our firm handles all types of criminal defense cases including… * Assaults * Burglaries * Drug Offenses * DWIs * Homicides * Jail/Detox Releases * Kidnapping/False Imprisonment * Loss of Driver’s License * Probation Revocations * Thefts * Vehicle and Property Forfeitures
Address : Northland Plaza Building, Suite 1590, 3800 American Boulevard W. Minneapolis, MN 55431
Phone : (952) 224-4848

The Law Office of William J. Mauzy
The Law Office of William J. Mauzy handles a variety of criminal cases including: * White Collar Crimes * Mortgage Fraud * Health Care Fraud * Bank Fraud * Mail Fraud * Wire Fraud * Securities Fraud * Tax Crimes / Tax Evasion / Tax Fraud * Embezzlement & Theft * Export Control Violations * Sex Crimes * Criminal Sexual Conduct * Criminal Vehicular Operation * Criminal Vehicular Homicide * Homicide / Murder * Internet Crimes * Drug Crimes * Environmental Crimes * DWI and Implied Consent proceedings * Assault / Domestic Abuse * Juvenile Offenses * Felonies & Misdemeanors
Address : 510 First Avenue North, Suite 610 Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone : (612) 340-9108

Lake Harriet Law Office & Mediation Services, LLC
Lake Harriet Law Office & Mediation Services, LLC represent clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area and outstate Minnesota. Practice areas include Family Law (including Divorce, Collaborative Divorce (Collaborative Law Practice), Child Custody and Support, Parenting Time, Financial, Tax and Post- Decree Issues), Collaborative Law, Family Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Civil Mediaton (including Employment Mediation, Probate Mediation, Real Estate and Business Mediation), Estate Planning, Tax Law, Tax Appeals, IRS Tax Issues and DWU/DUI.
Address : 4316 Upton Avenue South Suite 201 Minneapolis, MN 55410
Phone : (612) 750-4843

Caplan Law Firm, P.A.
Caplan Law Firm, P.A. has a proven 20-year track record of helping clients make the best of extremely difficult situations. Even when evidence seems overwhelming, it is often possible to negotiate a highly favorable result. Since 1983, Caplan lawyers have represented clients in criminal matters such as white collar crimes, driving while intoxicated (DUI DWI Defense), traffic violations, drug offenses, assault, domestic assault, embezzlement, theft, sex crimes, homicides, felonies, and more.
Address : 10 S 5th St, Suite 525, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone : (612) 424-5446

The DeGree Law Office
The DeGree Law Office can defend your rights against charges of DUI, embezzlement or theft, drug crimes, sexual assault, and murder or other violent crimes. Whatever the crime, DeGree trial attorneys provide the legal know-how to help you best navigate your case.
Address : 212 Third Avenue North, Suite 545, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone : (612) 746-4277

Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall and attorneys in the Twin Cities Law Firm offer a full spectrum of attorney services including legal counsel and litigation representation in the following areas: * Corporate, Business, Employment, and Tax Law * Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Domain Name, and Trade Secret Law* Real Estate * Litigation, Lawsuits, Arbitration, and Mediation * Wills, Estates, and Wealth Transfer Planning * Non-Profit Organization Law * Divorce * Criminal Defense, Felony, DUI, and DWI * Personal Injury and Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, and Job Accidents * Internet, Computer, E-Commerce, and Technology Law * Bankruptcy and Creditor & Debtor Law
Address :901 Marquette Ave, Suite 1675 Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone : (612) 455-8945