Top Jacksonville DUI Lawyers

Company Name : Musca Law
Address : 5 W. Forsyth St. #200 Jacksonville, FL 32202
Short Description of Services : Our Attorneys are experienced in all facets of criminal defense. We pride ourselves on providing aggressive representation of all types of criminal defense cases. We offer free, confidential initial consultation. Our philosophy is to provide aggressive, comprehensive criminal defense services from beginning to end in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. The Musca Law criminal defense attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience. We will handle every angle of your case, including administrative procedures such as license revocation hearings. From DUIs, misdemeanors, felonies and federal crimes, we have the years of experience to challenge your charges aggressively.
Phone Number : (904)-402-8540
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Company Name : Law Offices of L. Lee Lockett
Address : 1540 The Greens Way Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32250
Short Description of Services : Jacksonville's Criminal Defense Firm, the Law Offices of L. Lee Lockett handles a variety of cases involving DUI’s, criminal defense, traffic infractions, divorce, family law, appeals, bond reductions, drivers license reinstatements, personal injury and much more. We also handle civil forfeiture actions in the event the government has seized your personal property as a result of an arrest.
Phone Number : 904.858.9818
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Company Name : Mussallem & Forbess P.A.
Address : 207 North Washington Street Jacksonville, FL 32202
Short Description of Services : Mussallem & Forbess P.A. is exclusively a criminal defense firm. We have devoted our entire practice and careers to representing the accused. Victoria Mussallem and Raymond Forbess have defended thousands of clients, prosecuted none. Our attorneys have never worked one day to put someone in jail or prison, as former prosecutors have.
Phone Number : 904-634-0900
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Company Name : Epstein & Robbins
Address : 1125 Blackstone Building, 233 E Bay Street, Suite 1125 Jacksonville, FL 32202-3462
Short Description of Services : For over 30 years, the defense attorneys at the law office of Epstein & Robbins have been protecting the rights of people throughout north Florida who have been accused of crimes, drunk driving and traffic violations. David Robbins has put together and trained a team of attorneys for DUI defense. Our goal is to give every accused person the strongest defense available and to minimize the harm a criminal charge or conviction can do.
Phone Number : 904-354-5645
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Company Name : Arnold & New
Address: 6279 Dupont Station Court Jacksonville, FL 32217
Short Description of Services : At the Arnold & New, we pride ourselves on swift, thorough and responsive representation. While you deal with the personal fallout of a divorce or DUI charge, we will take care of the legal aspects. You will not be left in the dark. We will stay in constant contact with you regarding updates on your case. Being a full-service law firm means that we help: * Clients needing an immigration attorney to reunite with family members or become U.S. citizens * Jacksonville residents overwhelmed by financial problems and needing help with a Chapter 7 debt discharge or Chapter 13 reorganization * Floridians facing federal criminal charges involving drug trafficking that need an experienced criminal law attorney * Ex-spouses disputing alimony payments or a possible relocation.
Phone Number : 904-731-3800
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Company Name : Makofka & Makofka
Address : Bank of America Tower 50 N. Laura Street, Suite 3550 Jacksonville, FL 32202
Short Description of Services : At the Jacksonville law firm of Makofka & Makofka, our lawyers provide personalized and dependable legal services to help you with your legal problems. Whether you've been charged with a crime, served with divorce papers, or injured in a car accident, we have the skills, knowledge and resources needed to help you and your family. At Makofka & Makofka we are a family of lawyers working together to help you and your family. As a family ourselves, we understand how a serious legal problem can upset you and your entire family. We always bear in mind that a personal injury claim, routine divorce case, or DUI arrest is never routine to you. In many cases, it's the first and only time you will be involved in legal proceedings of any kind.
Phone Number : 904.355.2700
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Company Name : Martino Law Offices
Address : 2342 Park Street Jacksonville, FL 32204
Short Description of Services : Our practice is focused on the area of criminal law and personal injury in Florida's Duval, Clay and Nassau counties. Whether you were arrested or have been injured, hiring an attorney is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make. We take pride in the relationships we establish with our clients. Nothing is more frustrating than hiring an attorney and then not hearing from them for weeks or months at a time. Here at the Martino Law Offices we are always available for our clients to update them on the status of their case, or to deal with any question or concern they may have.
Phone Number : 904.619.8185
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Company Name : Law Offices of Maria Rogers
Address : 1809 Art Museum Drive, 3400 Building, Suite 202 Jacksonville, FL 32207
Short Description of Services : As a retired Navy Officer, Maria Rogers understands the effect being in the Military can have on legal matters. Attorney Rogers provides clients with legal counsel in a variety of practice areas, including:* Military representation* Military divorce* Family law* Criminal defense* Domestic violence* Juvenile defense* Traffic tickets* Wills and guardianships, including living wills and living trusts.
Phone Number : 904 858-1844
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Company Name : Shorstein & Lasnetski
Address : 6550 St. Augustine Road, Suite 303 Jacksonville, FL 32217
Short Description of Services : We represent individuals and businesses throughout Duval County and Northeast Florida as well as clients who have been injured in Southeast Georgia. Regardless of the size of the case, at Shorstein & Lasnetski, we are mindful of the fact that good, honest people get investigated and arrested for crimes ranging from misdemeanors, like DUIs, to felony state and federal crimes, including drug crimes and white collar theft. Any criminal arrest or investigation can have lasting and serious affects on a person's life, family and financial status. It is our mission to lead you or a friend or family member through the criminal justice process, to investigate and learn all of the relevant facts, to keep clients informed of their rights and potential options and to make the process as unburdensome as possible.
Phone Number : 904-642-3332
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