Top Eugene Dui Lawyers

Hutchinson, Cox, Coons, Orr & Sherlock, P.C.
Each attorney in our firm has a practice emphasis in several areas of the law. When specialized expertise is needed, your lawyer has access to other attorneys within the firm to provide you with thorough and sound advice in a wide range of areas.
Address : 777 High Street, Suite 200, PO Box 10886 Eugene, Oregon 97440
Phone : 541/686-9160

Law Office of Laura A. Fine, P.C.
I have been practicing law since 1988. In my career, I have aggressively defended people charged with a wide variety of crimes, including Crimes affecting students: Disorderly Conduct, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Possession of Controlled Substances, Possession of Less than an Ounce of Marijuana, DUII, Interfering With Police, Assault, Criminal Mischief and Open Container.
Address : 541 Willamette Street, Suite 403 Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : 888-309-4560

David A. Hill, Attorney at Law
Over the course of his career, criminal defense lawyer David A. Hill has handled thousands of criminal cases and hundreds of criminal trials/hearings in courtrooms throughout the state of Oregon. Mr. Hill defends a broad range of criminal charges, including: Drug possession, Drug manufacturing & delivery, Violent crimes, Sex crimes, DUI/DUII, Theft offenses and College student involved offenses.
Address : 1147 High Street Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : 541-683-4808

Law Office of Joe Metcalfe
For nearly 20 years, my work as a public defender, federal prosecutor, and law professor has given me the knowledge and background necessary to provide the trial or appellate criminal representation you need.
Address : 856 Olive Street, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 762-0045

Duvall Law Office, P.C.
We understand how frustrating and distressing it may be if you have been arrested for a DUI offense or other criminal charge. Hugh Duvall is prepared to assist you in overcoming your legal obstacles by helping you understand the charge or charges you are up against so that you are able to make an informed decision about your case.
Address : 856 Olive Street, Suite 101Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : 541-393-8154